Therapists Need Resources They Can Trust!

Therapists Need Resources They Can Trust!

As therapists, we need help too! We need resources that can help us run our practices successfully, serve our clients effectively, and grow professionally and personally.

There are many different types of resources available to therapists. Business resources can help us with marketing, finances, and practice management. Clinical resources can improve our skills and knowledge in specific areas. And personal growth resources can help us with our own self-care and development.

We tend to know what's good for us as therapists--there's no doubt that accessing resources is a critical investment in our work. But it can be a real challenge to find the time to seek out and utilize these resources!

We're busy. We get burned out. We buy a training and it lives in our bookmarks unopened until the CEU is due. Or we just don't know where to look to learn how to market on social media specifically for therapists, or how to write compelling blogs to bring in more clients.

This is where therapist resource websites can be a real game-changer. By curating high-quality resources from trusted experts in the field and making them easily accessible in one place, it can save us time, money, and stress.

And when we're using resources that are created specifically for therapists, by therapists, we know we're getting information that is accurate and relevant to our unique needs and challenges.

This is one of the reasons I'm so honored and excited to be a contributor to TheraBundle! If you haven't heard of it, it's the ingenious creation by my friend and colleague, Tamara Howell, also a practicing therapist. Tamara got a bunch of therapists together, some of whom are major influencers in our field, to offer our best resources to YOU at a fraction of the price!

With TheraBundle, you get to choose from over 40 amazing therapist-crafted resources to help you build your dream practice at any stage in your career. And from now until 9/14/2022, you get access to over $3,000 worth of resources for an insanely low price of only $97!

The reason TheraBundle is so amazing, besides the price, is that it's curated content from vetted therapists of courses, masterclasses, downloads, templates and more in 5 categories:

1) identity and personal development,
2) business and administration,
3) marketing and websites,
4) professional development, and
5) alternative income streams.

Check out this 4 minute video with me and some of the other contributors sharing what we find exciting in the bundle! 

You can use the TheraBundle resources to get clarity on your vision, improve your website or social media presence, build a one-day retreat, implement time-management systems, start an online group practice, manage vicarious trauma, simplify your intake process, create therapy tools that sell, help kids with emotional regulation...and just about anything else you can dream up!

Through my own trial and error, I've learned that one of the best therapy business hacks anyone can teach you is this: TAKE THE HELP.

How do you think all those successful therapists make it look so easy? It’s because they know that taking shortcuts, customizing templates, and using resources isn’t bad or lazy – it’s smart!

The truth is that no one can become successful without the help of others. And that goes for us as therapists, too!

I invite you to check out TheraBundle for yourself during this limited time offer and see all the amazing resources that are available. I think you'll be blown away by what's included, and I know you'll find something (or many things!) that will help you move forward in your therapist journey.

Happy resource hunting!

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