Dear Therapist, It’s Okay to Discover your Creativity.

Dear Therapist, It’s Okay to Discover your Creativity.

We do many things naturally throughout our day that we do not consider to be creative acts. Creativity doesn’t have to mean being artistic or craftsy. Creativity can be a natural part of our daily life experience and our imagination.

For example, maybe you’re expressing creativity when you add something colorful or fun and quirky to your outfit. Or when you cook a meal and decide to try a new ingredient or prepare an entirely new dish. Even when you listen to a podcast and take a note in your phone, you’re being creative because your thoughts are being stimulated. Your creative process is happening all the time but often we’re not tuned into it.

For the therapist, the creative process also does not need to be contained only to expressive arts therapy or movement therapy or sand tray or whatever you typically associate with creativity. You might commit to just being so present with the client and letting go of your adherence to a certain structure or theoretical approach in the session. That invites flow and creativity!

Or maybe you try out some different moves from that recent training you attended, when it’s all fresh and exciting, to see what it’s like for you to work that way and how it lands on your client. Often when we work differently our clients respond differently. Simply sitting in a different spot when meeting with the client can be a way to inspire creativity. And following the lead of the client when they present a metaphor, symbol or dream is moving into the realm of the organic and creative.

We infuse creativity into our personal and professional lives all the time. Even when we don’t think of ourselves as inherently creative. Guess what? You are, dear therapist! And it’s okay to discover your creativity!

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