5 Myths About Being A Therapist

5 Myths About Being A Therapist

Did you believe in any of these myths in your journey to becoming a therapist? Most of us did and then figured it out along the way. Let’s debunk them again!

1. Myth: You have to agree with your clients.

We work with clients from all walks of life and may not agree with them, but we can still support them in their efforts to grow and resolve issues. A big part of our work is actually to challenge the client when we disagree with some of their thoughts and actions.

2. Myth: Clients are fragile.

Clients are often much stronger and more capable than we know; thinking of them this way also builds their belief in themselves.

3. Myth: Clients change in session.

Clients may work very hard on issues during the session but change often occurs outside of therapy. This is so important to remind your clients, so that they will be more aware and better able to track their progress outside of session.


4. Myth: You have the same kinds of problems.

You’re not required to have experienced the same kinds of problems as your clients; your training and empathy is what enables you to provide valuable help.

5. Myth: You need to have your life in order.

No one has their life in 100% order and ease. No matter how much you schedule, most days won’t go exactly to plan. We’re all human. Therapists, however, are really good at maintaining boundaries between their work and personal lives, which is a big key to being effective as your therapist-human self. Either one can spill over to the other, so as a “whole therapist” we strive for more balance while keeping it real.

What myths would you add to this list?
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